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Along with Guy, my fellow founding partner in Dub Online Marketing, I undertook to build the Cheapest Dual Fuel site. It needed to be clean, with a colour palette that was congruent with home energy. As you can see from the screengrab, this site doesn’t look like a blog at all and that really is the power of Wordpress today. If you select the right template (or theme) to work from, it will display all the items you need as well as giving you what on a traditional site would be called “News” items.

The Cheapest Dual Fuel website - based on Wordpress

One of the best things about this theme was that both the dual fuel news items and the Dual fuel suppliers are just categories, that means that a new post can be put in that category and it shows up there. With settings available to select how many posts appear, the site stays fresh and importantly, it can be edited by different people with differing levels of access all from the intuitive Wordpress interface.

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