Occam – Utilising Wordpress as a Content Management System


Occam are a database marketing company based near Bath in the UK. With their previous website, they were “locked-in”: all new content had to be sent to the website provider to be inserted.

Occam's Previous Website in .ASP

This included case studies from companies like Kia, The Army, Eurostar and RBS. For them, there was a disconnect between the company (with all its new business wins and successes) and their website. Also, they wanted to have a place to provide some video to engage with their potential and existing clients, plus start using Social Media tools such as Twitter and integrate them into the site.

Firstly, we built a site based on Wordpress using pages so that the layout would be similar to the previous site. This meant we could have the new platform with all its advantages but still keep long-standing customers happy, allowing them navigate around the new site with ease. The featured content gallery keeps the homepage fresh but below it is the static content presenting the key strengths and philosophies of the company: things that remain constant.

Not only does Wordpress as a CMS allow the Marketing Manager to control his own website, but it enables his assistant to write posts, the sales team to update pages and the Managing Director to contribute his knowledge and unique insight in the sector. These are all assets that existed in the company before but now, with an open platform, the company is able to harness the input of many more people. With multiple personalities across the site, users see a more human side to the organisation and can identify with individuals within their roles.

The New Occam Site Based On Wordpress

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