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I met Melanie of Italofile through my FlipFlorence Twitter account. She mentioned that she liked my logo and design and was looking to refresh her site (which is built on Wordpress). I suggested we book some time in on Skype to see what areas to concentrate on to maximise the impact from the budget available.

The first conversation was certainly invaluable for me as I was able to understand what Melanie liked and we discussed the direction of the blog. Because the site was so content-rich and already organised, we initially talked about changing the look of the navigation and it soon became apparent that a new logo would have a strong impact for a minimum outlay. Also, Melanie was keen to do some site renovation herself so I could concentrate on the logo.

Over the course of a couple of weeks, we stayed in touch via email and I made sure that I was on track. Once the logo was finished, I made an icon for Facebook that could also be used on other Social Media profiles and as a favicon. I’m very happy with the end result, especially as working with the Italian flag’s colours , it can be quite difficult to achieve a pleasing effect.


3 Responses to “Italofile – Logos”
  1. Melanie says:

    Woo hoo! Hey, check it out…my logo is at the bottom of your page, too. Nice work, Jason. I enjoyed working with you and hope we can continue to collaborate in some capacity in the future. :-)


  2. That logo is sharp! I was asking Melanie who created it. Bravo!

  3. Jason says:

    Thanks Kathy! It’s always nice to have positive feedback because, though I was really happy with the logo, what the people who read Italofile think is the most important thing.

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