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Even being involved in Social Media on a daily basis, it seems that the industry is changing at such a speed it’s hard to keep up. With many Social Media channels vying for users’ attention, businesses are rightly asking questions about cost, time implications and ROI.

The way that we communicate is changing and if companies want to be part of the conversation, the sooner they join in the better. But not all Social Media channels are appropriate for every company and it is vital to choose the most effective for your industry or specific goals to avoid wasted time and expense.

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There was a time when the questions that are being asked about Social Media today were being asked about websites (and indeed the whole internet). Just a few years ago, the same thing happened with corporate blogs and almost all medium and large companies have now embraced the benefits a blog platform has to offer.

So, where does that leave Social Media? Many of today’s most successful blogs started at a time before blogging was a proven media channel. Those people who waited forĀ  blogging to become proven before investing time found that the competition had stolen first mover advantage. Certainly, to start a blog from scratch today can be a daunting task with the volume of competition. Search engines love history and they also love popularity and that takes time to build up.

Having said that, what companies need to avoid is wasting money. It may be OK for Coca-Cola to have a large body of staff dedicated to Social Media but most organisations don’t have that luxury. Certainly, an important focus with Social Media is to avoid a repeat of the past where many companies were burnt (the first time round in the late 90s) with web sites costing far too much based on hype.

What is unavoidable is that the old broadcast medium of simply pushing out information is simply not enough. Today, the most forward thinking companies are engaging, questioning, reacting, bonding and building trust all with a view to increasing the prominence of their company in the mind of the consumer and, ultimately, making more sales. To discuss what channels would benefit your company most, contact me via email

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