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For any business, regardless of sector, today it is indisputable that a website is essential: as a way for customers to find you, view your products or services and make an inquiry or purchase. But the reasons for having a blog are not so clear. Indeed, for many businesses the purpose and function of a blog hasn’t been made clear either.

Blogs (or weblogs to give them their original name) have come a long way in the last decade or so. Whilst they came to prominence as a way for individuals to share thoughts, photos and other content, they have started to be embraced by the business world alongside their existing website. Blog platforms such as Wordpress have matured into fully functioning, secure and user-friendly websites in their own right. They are stable, flexible and very cost effective.

Without getting into techno-babble, a blog is just a standardised type of website. It can allow for pages (just like your website) but also for posts: new pieces of content that can be categorised, arranged and tagged. These new pieces of content keep visitors engaged (as well as increasing the chance they will revisit your site) and give you added relevance in search engines.

Furthermore, with the new buzz about Social Media, a blog is a central place to collate and gather all your efforts. Blogs are built to integrate with Social Media. Ready-made plug ins can be used to display Tweets from Twitter, details of your Facebook page, Flickr photos, videos and more. It is a place to send Twitter Followers, Facebook Fans or YouTube subscribers, increasing your reach and relevance in your industry. Also,  you can interact with your visitors  to show you care about them.

A blog saves time and money because it is is easy to update with new content yourself. Anyone who can use Microsoft Word (or any word processor) can learn how to add new posts in just a few minutes. Plus, there is a whole community to access with free forums, tips and documentation.

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